Perched on a hill overlooking St Ives Harbour, St Ives Brewery represents everything there is to love about the local area. Since opening its doors in 2010, the brewery has experienced unprecedented growth with bottle sales doubling since 2015 and cask, tripling.

Ahead of the craft brewery explosion in 2014, the brewery was opened by former landlord Marco Amura and his partner Hayley Gibson, in an attempt to create beers that visitors to St Ives would fall in love with. They are now producing in high volumes with 1000 hectolitres produced in 2016 and this set to increase in 2017.

The beers are typically light, golden and refreshing, perfect for lazy days on the beach, or accompanying a fresh fish dish served at one of the many restaurants in St Ives. The branding too, captures the seaside towns friendly atmosphere using illustrations by local artist, Susie Brooks. Onsite Marco and Hayley also run the Brewhouse Café where visitors can enjoy spectacular views across the harbour, enjoy St Ives Brewery beers and a range of tasty light bites.

In the beginning we wanted to brew beers that people would seek out and remember. My time as a landlord opened my eyes to the world of ale drinkers and their thirst for trying everything they come across. I knew that one day the visitors to St Ives would seek out my beer and hopefully fall in love with it. Our beers stand out from the monotony of the beers that have become all too common across the country. Fresh hop flowers and the finest malted barley are a constant but we do like to experiment when we find a bit of room in the brewing schedule.” Marco Amura, Director of St Ives Brewery explains.

The flagship 4%ABV beer ‘Boilers Golden Ale’ is something at St Ives Brewery are very proud of. Their beers reflect the environment we live in and this is one that is perfect to be enjoyed while basking in the sun or warming up after a surf in the ocean. The pale ale ‘Knill by Mouth’ 5%ABV is a close second in terms of popularity, although a pale ale, it’s actually the brewery’s darkest beer. ‘Knill by Mouth’ has a depth of bitterness and a more distinct hop character with cascade and chinook shining through as the lasting flavours.

What does the future hold for St Ives Brewery?

Marco and Hayley are extending the roof terrace on their Brewhouse Café to encourage more visitors into the tap room/café. This will bring a huge amount of revenue into the business, which will in turn help purchase more casks and possibly a few fermenters and conditioning tanks.

“We have seen plenty of breweries sail very close to the wind and some are no longer here to tell the tale. We want to grow organically and be certain that the demand is there before we commit to huge future investment.” Marco adds.

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